Mark Groen
Bowen Island, B.C., Canada

The Guts of Web2.0

This post is for those readers that don’t do the web like I do and see only the front part of it. It explains very well what Web2.0 is all about and why I don’t use tables anymore to layout the design of a web site, and how xml is part of that. This blog itself will be completely xml driven in not too long of a time – I have most of the inner workings done already and now just have to write a script that will pull the needed info from my Word Press xml dump (it uses their own namespace and every post is in one big fat file) and put it into namespace-less pure xml form and a file for each post.

I’m using folders for dates, that will match up nicely with the URI’s already generated over the past six years, and as far as what it looks like to those only viewing the front of the web, nothing has changed.

What will change for me, is that the blog will no longer need a database to operate and I don’t have to use the silly editor that comes with WP, I’ll just type the posts in any old text editor I like and upload, it’s just that easy with Web2.0. Also I don’t have to worry about following up on the exploits that happen every now and then to popular software, if you’ve got WP in the last few days, upgrade to 2.1.2 right now as it’s been caked.

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