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Bowen Island, B.C., Canada

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Solar Install Continues

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

The roof mounting brackets for the solar panels didn’t arrive yesterday, hopefully today! Once they do, some work on them is required before actually installing the panels. Holes for the bolts to be drilled, the spray primer and white paint to match the exterior that also separates the two disparate metals (aluminum and galvanized steel).

Then a hole drilled in the roof for the fitting I’ve come up with to pass the two wires running from the solar panels to the battery charge controller inside. A lot of the inside wiring is already done, just a few connections to complete and then test everything is working before re-installing the ceiling insulation, vapour barrier and new (white this time) ceiling.

I have some issues with the way the previous owners, house electricians, modified the engine electrical system to supply power when they were on the job site; having a mechanic show me where things to go to put the engine, headlights etc. wires back to the way they were originally.

Version II Island-side

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Purchasing the Version II van was not too terribly eventful. Went through a lot of advertisements on line and finally went out to New Westminster to look at a Grumman GMC panel truck. Didn’t get that good feeling from it mechanic wise, and it is a little smaller than it looks and the shelving is way too attached to the walls to easily removed and so it’s a pass.

The second one looked at worked. Rebuilt engine in the past few years, converted to run on pump gas or propane and lots of cargo area. The owner was willing to leave the signage on, and the big blue Record vise is still on the back bumper, it looks like what it is – a work truck. Uneventful trip back other than the propane tank was empty and ran on gasoline all the way. And I know for sure that the small gasoline tank will get me at least from Agassiz to Bowen Island! The propane tank is huge and is meant to be the main source of fuel, 184 litre fill up upon return.